Our Story: we quickly learned …

Heart-HandsTo understand the origins of our company, one must go back to the early 1990s when the world as we know it was vastly different. The so-called Term Life Insurance industry was experiencing somewhat of a revolution, both in products and pricing.
Permanent policies featuring cash values and investment components were much more common because frankly the original Term policies did not offer long term guaranteed rates.

All that was rapidly changing, and a brand new mysterious piece of technology called the World Wide Web played a big part in the Term revolution.

Two things became quite clear to us:

  1. Since Term Life policies are virtually identical from one company to the next AND the odds are overwhelming that you will outlive your Term policy, consumers would be best served finding the lowest possible price, and
  2. There needed to be an easier, faster way to endure the whole Life insurance application process that eliminated the stigma of having a salesman sitting on your couch, pressuring you in a way akin to the car buying process!

When we created, and launched our first website back in 1995, the World Wide Web was ruled by AOL and dial up connections. There was no broadband, Google, Yahoo, or Search Engine Optimization. We were flying a little blind as we rolled the dice and built one of the very first Term Life Insurance comparison websites in the country. There was merely a fraction of the number of websites that exist today, and we were fortunate enough to land the #2 position on a popular search engine called Lycos when someone searched for Term Life Insurance. It was that random, fortunate placement that fueled the early success of our brokerage. Immediately we were receiving application inquiries from states all over the country, and were forced to tackle the very strict, cumbersome and state regulated licensing regulations of the industry.

To be honest, we were a little skeptical this idea of selling life insurance to clients who we had never met, over the phone, would work. But, we quickly learned that if we adhered to our philosophy of treating our clients like they were family—and simply providing the most efficient, friendliest service, while fulfilling our commitment to find them the very best price, it was relatively easy to gain their trust and loyalty. Many of those clients we first met in 1996 are still with us, and have referred their friends, family, and children of the next generation.

Much has changed in the last 2 decades. What used to be a virtual nightmare of forms and paperwork featuring pile after pile of state specific forms that we would have to obtain via Fax from each of the companies we worked with, has turned into an online convenience we now take for granted with everything right a tour fingertips. During those 20 years, as technology has evolved, so has our process and understanding that the modern-day client wants things as easy and streamlined as possible.

We had a vision in 1996, and while technology has enabled that vision to evolve and improve, our core principles and commitment to our clients remains much the same. Our goal is to help you protect the life you love, in the easiest way possible, and for the best price.

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