Stick to what you know. Work hard to follow through on promises. Treat clients like family.

The basic philosophy of our entire business practice can be summed up in those 3 phrases. In the insurance industry, it is easy to get carried away trying to earn money from all of the different lines of insurance – Auto, Home, Health, etc. We learned early on that we can offer the best service to our Clients by being an Expert on One Thing rather than a Provider of Many Things.

Our promise to our clients is to find them the policy that best fits their needs in terms of Amount, Length and Price. We have established contracts and relationships with all the top companies in the country for nearly 3 decades so that we may find you the absolute best price.

Quite simply, our business depends on our clients. We want you to feel like you are receiving advice and help from a trusted friend or family member, not a salesman. So, we work very hard to provide straight forward and honest advice. We have had relationships with clients spanning 3 decades, many of whom referred their children or other friends and family. That tells us more about how we are doing than anything else!

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